Humane Bat Removal Services

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Humane Bat Removal Services

Humane Bat Removal Services:

Bat Specialists of Michigan offers humane bat removal services to most of Southeast Michigan. We are proud members of Bat Conversation International and adhere to their standards. Our goal is to continue to help increase the bat populations of Michigan by only doing safe, and humane exclusions.

Bats in the attic:

Recently we were called out to a home where they had been hearing noises for some time. They thought it was just a few birds, therefore delaying calling. We scheduled a home inspection and sent our technician to investigate the noises. It was discovered that the noises were not birds but bats. Furthermore, because the bats had lived there for so long the attic would also need to be restored. Since the roost was determined to be a maternity roost the full exclusion would have to wait. It is in the bats best interest to wait rather than exclude while there are babies that cant yet fly roosting. If the exclusion was done now the mothers would fly out to hunt and wouldn’t be able to get back in, leaving the babies to starve and die.

The homeowners were understanding to the situation and waited a few weeks until we could see all the babies were now juveniles flying on their own. We then set in one of the two one way bat doors in to get the exclusion started. In addition we sealed other noted entry points and in a week installed the last one way door. We will go back again a few more times to make sure all the bats are getting out safely. Finally in late September we will remove the doors and seal off the roof.

As a result of the bats being in the attic for so long there was a lot of guano left behind. Our technicians are certified in safely removing this and restoring your attic to top shape. If you of anyone you know is having bat issues in their home call us today. Bat Specialists of Michigan 248-800-4126                     Check out our Facebook page here