Squirrel Removal Lapeer County

squirrel removal lapeer county michiganThere are a variety of squirrel species in Michigan and all of them can find their way into your attic. Most often when we recieve a call for squirrel in the attic it is a red squirrel. They can gain access by chewing their way into your home. They will make nests out of leaves, insulation, twigs, and other material from the woods. They are a very destructive attic pest and need to be dealt with quickly. You will often hear them running around in your attic once they are in. They will soil your insulation with feces and urine. They are known to chew the treated wood as they are attracted to the salt in it. They will also chew electrical wires which can cause fires in buildings.

We remove squirrel through live trapping and relocation. We use 100% green animal removal techniques and  will never use poisons in your home. We can also address any damage caused by the squirrel to your home during the wildlife proofing process. We will seal any entry points the squirrel were using and address any other possible ways in. Our attic restoration service will return your attic to pristine condition once the animals are removed. We are proud to service all of Lapeer County for squirrel removal.

Squirrel removal services are offered in the following cities in Lapeer County, Michigan: AtticaAlmontBrown CityColumbiavilleDrydenHadley,Imlay CityLapeerMetamoraNorth BranchOtter Lake, and all other surrounding areas.