Rat Removal Lapeer County

rat removal lapeer county michiganRats will be found all over in Lapeer County, Michigan. They will be found more densely in areas that have a lot of garbage and food sources available. We often get calls for them in city buildings that have food or large amounts of waste. Rats will eat just about anything and can thrive in very unsanitary conditions. They carry a lot of disease and can be very harmful to any building or property they gain access to. They will soil food and leave animal waste throughout the building. We can handle rat removal on both commercial and residential properties. Rats will make nests in your attic or walls if given the chance. They will breed quickly and can become a major problem. They will chew the wires in your walls and attic and cause fire as well.

We use live animal trapping and relocation to resolve rat removal issues. This is another situation where we may have to set the traps several times to catch all of the rats depending on the severity of the issue. We do not use poisons in the process of rat removal. This will result in rats rotting in your walls and attic in places that they cannot be removed. It also releases toxins into your home or business that are not necessary for any removal process. Rats can cause extensive damage to your property and we can repair it through our wildlife proofing and attic restoration services. Contact us today for more information.


Rat removal services are offered in the following cities in Lapeer County, Michigan: AtticaAlmontBrown CityColumbiavilleDrydenHadley,Imlay CityLapeerMetamoraNorth BranchOtter Lake, and all other surrounding areas.