Mole Removal Lapeer County

mole removal lapeer county michiganMoles will burrow through your yard in search of worms, grubs, and insects. You will rarely if even see a mole that has moved into your property as they are blind and stay underground almost always. Moles will not generally cause any problems with pets or other health hazards with people. They can at times attract the attention of a family dog which can result in the dog digging up the yard trying to catch the mole. They do cause some issues in your yard that could be a source of concern. Moles will create mounds of dirt in your yard as they tunnel through in search of food. This can also cause soft spots that can be tripping hazards. We have seen holes that have caved in from a large mole group as well. If your grass being green is important to you then you may need our mole removal service.

For moles in Lapeer County we will use live trapping and relocation. We are successful in trapping moles and moving them to an area they can burrow to their hearts desire. We use only 100% green treatments for mole removal and pride ourselves at being effective. If you choose to you can try to treat your grass for grubs as they may dissuade a mole from every finding your lawn attractive in the first place. Give us a call if you need more information!

Mole removal services are offered in the following cities in Lapeer County, Michigan: AtticaAlmontBrown CityColumbiavilleDrydenHadley,Imlay CityLapeerMetamoraNorth BranchOtter Lake, and all other surrounding areas.