Fox Removal Lapeer County

fox removal lapeer county michiganFox will live in dens and will generally avoid humans at all costs. The den will not normally be something that causes problems for a homeowner as they will not choose a location that they feel is not safe. Fox become a problem animal when they start to prey upon farm animals and pets. Fox normally would hunt rabbit, mice, and other small woodland animals. There are times though that a fox will start to prey upon chickens, duck, and other small farmyard animals. They have also been known to attack small dogs that are chained up outside if they are hungry enough.

Fox removal is accomplished through trapping and relocation. We will find the den of the problem fox and then set traps appropriately to target that animal only. We will use bait we expect to be very attractive to a fox. Our expertise can guarantee to allow us to trap the fox but it may take a few days depending on how hungry the animal is. Patience may be required as these are very wary animals but we will be successful.

Fox removal services are offered in the following cities in Lapeer County, Michigan: AtticaAlmontBrown CityColumbiavilleDrydenHadley,Imlay CityLapeerMetamoraNorth BranchOtter Lake, and all other surrounding areas.