Bat Control Lapeer County

We have been doing bat control in Lapeer County for 20 years. We have seen and dealt with all sizes of issues with live bat removal and can with our experience can handle any problem you have. We handle all property types and all sizes. Bat Control is very important to our ecosystem in Lapeer County. Bats eat insects from dusk until they are full. It usually means over 500 insects are consumed a night per bat! If you think the mosquitoes are thick now just imagine what it would be like without bats. No one is expecting a home or business owner to let them move in though. We need to provide proper places for bats to live and use bat control to keep them out of the areas we do not want them roosting. We can help install bat houses if you want to attract bats to your property without the worry they will want to get in your attic when the night is over.

Bat control can be done on a house that has bats or one that has never had them before. We can assess your property during a site inspection to determine what areas need wildlife proofing to ensure bats do not gain access to your home. We will never start a bat removal job without determining if you have bats and what type of colony you have if any. There are times of the year that maternal colonies will have young pups that cannot fly yet. It is important to give these pups the chance to develop into being able to fly before we use the one way doors. Bat control in Lapeer County is complete once your home is bat free and the ways in are all sealed properly. We are happy to back our bat control solutions with a 5 year warranty.

Attic Pest Control services are offered in the following cities in Lapeer County, Michigan: AtticaAlmontBrown CityColumbiavilleDrydenHadley,Imlay CityLapeerMetamoraNorth BranchOtter Lake, and all other surrounding areas.