Attic Pest Control Lapeer County

There are many different types of attic pest in Michigan and we can get rid of them all. They can cause a great deal of damage to your home in many different way. Your attic can become hazardous due to animal waste. They can rip holes in the side of your home or roof. Attic pests can also chew wires which can cause fires in Michigan homes. The first sign people usually have that they have a pest in their attic is that they hear scratching in their walls. While some of the larger animals, like raccoon, will be extremely loud as they run through the attic.

Bats in the attic

If you are hearing sounds in your walls like a faint scratching you likely have bats in your attic. The bats in Michigan live in cave like structures and that makes your attic a perfect spot to setup a roost. These bats live in colonies and they can vary in size. If the attic pests are not removed they can quickly double and triple the size of their colony. There are 2 types of colonies you will find in Michigan. The first is a bachelor colony. This is comprised of male bats and can be removed immediately through our live bat removal process. The other colony type is a maternal colony. This bat colony will have mothers and young pups in it. There are times of year when the live bat removal process needs to be adjusted to ensure the mothers are not separated from pups if they are not able to fly. Bat conservation is a top priority for your company.

Except for a few months out of the year you will not see bats in your attic even if there is evidence they are there. They burrow into the insulation to keep warm. This is actually why you will often hear them in the wall scratching. As the weather outside gets cooler and cools your attic down they will travel down the walls to keep warm. They must keep warm to survive and the insulation is a perfect place to do so.

The only effective way to remove bats from your home is through live bat removal. This lets the attic pest leave naturally through one way doors. The one way door will keep the bat from gaining access to your home. You will not be able to remove the bats yourself as it will be impossible to ensure you get them all. They come and go frequently and many will be burrowed into the insulation when you attempt to remove them. Attic pest control is best left to the professionals. We will ensure that your house is bat proofed so when they try to return there is no way in.

Mice and Rats in the attic

Mice are often found in attics when they are able to access them. It is often a trumpet vine or other plant that is giving the mice a clear climbing path to your roof. Once a mouse is on your roof it only takes a hole the width of a pencil for them to gain access. They have also been known to chew their way in as well if the hole is just a bit too small. When we find attics with mice in them it is usually easy to spot because the insulation will have tunnels burrowed through it. We will find tons of holes that mice have created in the insulation. Mice are very destructive when given the opportunity. They breed quickly and will reach numbers that are very detrimental to your attic and the health of the occupants. Mice control is your best bet and it is another area we are experts in. We can wildlife proof your home. This will identify likely entry points, plug them, and exclude the mice from the area. We use live traps to catch and relocate mice in order to ensure we do not allow poisons into the environment.

Squirrels in the attic

If you have squirrels in your attic you will know pretty quickly as they will be loud.  They are very destructive and will chew the treated wood and electrical wires. This can cause a fire in your home. If you suspect there are squirrels living in your attic please call a professional today.  They will leave your attic a mess and leave droppings everywhere. Squirrel droppings can carry disease and should be removed quickly. We are experts at trapping squirrels in Michigan. We will live trap them, relocate them, and then repair any entry points they were using to gain access to your attic. If needed we can provide attic restoration as well. Squirrels in the attic is something we deal with every day and we can help you too.

Raccoon in the attic

These guys are a very recognizable attic pest. They will rip a hole in the roof or siding of your home to gain access. They are extremely destructive due to their size. Their feces will quickly become a problem if one gains access to your attic. Raccoon will tear up insulation, electrical wires, and cause all sorts of damage to your attic. You will be able to see that something has ripped a hole in your roof very easily. Raccoon are not in the least bit sneaky about gaining access to your home. They also will not be worried about making noise so you will easily here them running through you attic and barking. We can remove raccoon very easily with trapping and relocation. If the raccoon is accessible we can even use a single pole to remove it immediately during our site inspection.

No matter your attic pest control need we can service it. Call us today for more information and to setup a site inspection so we can determine the issue you are experiencing and level of services you need. We have proudly served Lapeer County, Michigan for over 20 years.

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