5 Year Warranty

We are proud to be able to guarantee our work on bat removal and bird control. As long as no changes are made to the home that will create new entry points we warranty our work for 5 years.  The list of items that can void your warranty are below. If birds or bats do happen to gain entry to a space we have wildlife proofed please call us immediately and we will take care of it.

Bird and bat will always attempt to regain access to their roosts or nests. For this reason we are proud to guarantee that for up to 5 years they will not be able to. This is more then enough time to ensure that they have moved on and will no longer be returning to your home to live. Neither of these animals gain access to your home by chewing their way in. As long as you have had a professional properly seal all construction gaps and other possible entry points into your home they will not get back in. If a company cannot guarantee their work you should not do business with them. A professional live bat or bird removal should always include a guarantee that they will not be able to return.

We do offer a full animal trapping service but cannot extend this guarantee to those animals as well. The other animals that may gain access to your home will do so by chewing. We will certainly stand behind any repairs we make to your home to block an entry point that is being actively used. We cannot control if another animal decides to chew its way in another spot though. Therefore we are unable to guarantee animals outside of bird and bat will be permanently removed.  We can assure you they won’t use the same spot to get in but cannot guarantee they won’t make a new entry point.

Warranty voided if the following occur:

  • New roof installation
  • Water damage
  • New siding installation
  • Other construction that damages our previous repairs

For more information on our animal control services and warranty do not hesitate to contact us today.