About Us

We are the premiere bat removal and control company in Michigan. We are proud to serve all of Lapeer County and have been doing for over 20 years. We have completed thousands of live bat removal services in this county. We also offer a full service animal trapping program. We trap animals of all sizes from mice to coyote. We pride ourselves on our live bat removal process which ensures bats are removed without being injured and are allowed to leave as they naturally would to feed and water. Bats in Michigan are both federally and state protected to help control the mosquito and insect populations.

We also offer wildlife proofing in Lapeer County, Michigan. This service will repair existing damage from animals and also remove future entry points from being used. We handle wildlife proofing on all sizes of buildings from the roof to your deck. If you have had bats in the attic or another attic pest we can remove them. Once removed we also offer a full service attic restoration for your property. It is critical to have any animal waste removed from your home or business properly. We are also fully licensed and insured.

You can find more information throughout our site regarding the specific animal control services we offer in Lapeer County. We are proud to offer our full service package to this area. We are local so all our services are available. We are experts and can handle any size problem. Give us a call today!